likeblueblazes: (Worried)
Ophelia de Luce ([personal profile] likeblueblazes) wrote2015-05-09 08:25 pm

Take my petals and cover me with the night.

After nearly a week in the hospital, Ophelia finds herself released back home at last. Under certain conditions, of course. The doctors told her that she would still require extensive amounts of rest. They tell her that she is allowed to move around her own apartment, provided that she doesn't move around too much. Essentially, they place her on bed rest without explicitly stating as much, complete with knowing, damning looks. The de Luce-ness of such instructions infuriates her; she might as well be placed under house arrest, or so it feels to Ophelia.

Of course she exerts herself too much once she arrives back in her apartment; she has to call Miss Cordelia to inform her of everything, first of all. Miss Cordelia, naturally, insists on coming over and seeing Ophelia for herself. Ophelia endures nearly three hours of her boss mother henning her - from cooking for her to tidying up a bit in the kitchen. And then nearly another hour of discussing potential venues for the piano recital.

By the time Miss Cordelia leaves, Ophelia feels the weariness settle into her bones. Her neck aches from beneath the bandages covering it, and dizziness follows her every step. She ignores the medication they sent her home with, knowing it will only put her right to sleep. Instead, she makes her way to the piano, where she plays an assortment of her favorite songs, until a knock on the door interrupts her playing.

"Coming," she calls out, her voice still weak and ragged from her injuries. At the very least, a visitor should energize her. She hopes.

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