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We can always play by ear. [Tris]

To say that the sheer scope of Off the Wall intimidates Ophelia proves an understatement; her eyes widen as she takes in the various people running, climbing, leaping, and crashing off of various obstacles. There is a sense of recklessness to their movements - a kind of recklessness that Ophelia envies, usually, from a distance. When Jax told her to seek a woman named Tris, she had no idea what she was signing up for.

Still. She steadies herself; she takes a deep breath, and she presses her lips together in determination. She needs to practice self-defense. If she wants to protect Flavia, let alone herself, she needs to be prepared to do so, no matter how unadylike it might require her to become.

Tightening her hair from where it hangs behind her in an uncharacteristic ponytail, Ophelia decides to hell with her nerves. Potential new threats aren't going to wait for her to maintain her composure. Shoulders squared, she ventures up to the front desk, ignoring some of the odd looks thrown her way for her outfit choice of a pencil skirt and a blouse.

A woman sits behind the desk, with short hair and a face that seems both young and wise all at once. She could be her own age, Ophelia thinks, taking in the sight of the other girl.

"Excuse me," she says, placing her hands on the edge of the front desk mostly to keep herself steady. "I'm looking for a woman named Tris? I was told she was really good for self-defense."
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Every now and then, we have new customers who come in and request certain instructors. Typically it's Sassy or Shevaun for their experience. Now and then, we get a few customers who ask for Tobias, either for the intensity of his training or for his looks. I sometimes wish I had a ring to flaunt, for the latter, though I'd never say it.

Occasionally, people request me, but I always get surprised.

"You've found her," I say, holding out a hand. "Tris Prior."
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"I do teach beginning self-defense," I agree, shaking her hand. "And all of my students seem to like me, so I suppose I am." I am not so fixated on truth as Candor, but I understand their disinterest in false modesty. It feels like a betrayal to myself and to the girl who's sought me out for my skills.

"Do you want to sign up? I have a class in about a half hour that you can sit in on if you want to see what it's like?"
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"He did?" That, honestly, takes me by surprise. I remember him, a large man with a proud stance who'd looked at me in more surprise than respect. Maybe he's more charitable than I would have expected. Or smarter.

"It's a hundred and forty for a ten-week course and twenty for drop ins," I explain. "You save sixty dollars if you sign up for a full session and I can work with you more consistently."
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I laugh, both at his words and the other woman's imitation. "I'm glad he thinks well of me."

Watching her face, I take a moment and guess at her age, the way she's clearly weighing options in her head.

"I can give you a tour until then. Are you a student, by the way?"
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"If you're going to attend college, we have a ten percent off discount on classes." There's something in her expression that's hidden beneath her poise and pencil skirt, like she's come here expecting to be forged into something. It makes me want to stoke the fire for her.

"Okay." I reach under the desk and show her one of our bracelets. "There's a microchip in this. Once you sign up, it grants you access to the gym and any classrooms you're attending. Follow me."
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"Perfect. If you can show us your student e-mail or an ID, we can set it up," I say. I put the bracelet away and tap my own against the gate. Laughing, I explain, "We used to have keychains, but they kept falling off and getting lost."

I walk her through the main area, showing Ophelia all the boxes and catwalks. "We rearrange this area every twenty-four hours for people and then all of the classes are in the smaller rooms here."
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"So that people can adapt. Parkour is all about interacting with your environment, going from rooftop to rooftop or trees or..." I shrug, gesturing at the people who are swinging, rolling, leaping from place to place.

"You can use this space too, as long as you complete a safety course or show one of the instructors that you can handle yourself safely."
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"The goal is to get from one place to another in the shortest, must direct way. If that means going over rooftops, then so be it," I explain. It's the gym's specialty, though they've branched out to other, easier classes just in case.

"So this area changes and then all of those doors here lead to the classrooms." I go, first to the the dance room with the barre and poles and tap my wrist against the key.
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"Yeah. I'm not here very often and it's mostly dance as exercise and pole dancing, which is actually incredibly difficult," I admit, smiling. People tend to look down on the erotic dancing until they realize how much strength it requires.

"You dance?"
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"It's a kind of erotic dance. Sometimes a woman named Helen comes in and she's really great at it." I can't help glancing sideways and trying to gauge the way Ophelia will react at he idea of erotic dance when she carries herself so carefully.

"The other rooms all look the same," I say, opening up the classroom where I'll be teaching today. "Mirror wall and mats that we take down or put away."
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I nod. "It's harder than it looks. I tried it once and my muscles were sore for two days." I can't help tacking on the qualifier, a reminder that its origins don't mean it's any less than other kinds of dance. It still takes strength and grace.

"No. What I need for my classes is pretty straightforward. We just stay in one room to keep things simple." As I talk, I start unfolding thin floor mats for my students to walk and sit on.
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"All my time slots are capped at twenty people a session. It gives me enough time to work with people on on one." It's hardly bigger than my Dauntless initiate class. Or at least the size it had been at the start, before we were slowly chipped through one by one.

"We also have open days, if you ever want to look at our other classes on offer. Anyway, take a seat in that chair." I gesture at one of the two chairs we have in the corner for observers. "I need to set up the mats."
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"Second Friday of every month. You just sign a waiver and you can explore however you like, so today is a freebie, really." There's something about Ophelia that makes me certain she'll come back. As long as she just sits, I'm not breaking any rules.

"We also have a schedule online. In the Calendar section."
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"I'll give you a flyer after."

I make quick work of all the folded up mats, hauling them to the floor and flattening them as my students trickle in. The experienced ones know what to do and sit at the edge, beginning to stretch as the rest follow.
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It's a pretty standard class, starting them off with stretches and then a relay of martial arts falls, teaching them to fall forwards and backwards in a way that they can get up and not get hurt. Then I drill them through punches and blocks, then kicks, before pairing them off to practice as I walk around to see how each pair is doing.

Between assisting students, I glance over at Ophelia to see how she likes it.
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She's got a watchful eye and I know immediately that I've made the right choice in letting her sit in. Clearly, Ophelia wants to and is determined to learn and I'll be glad to teach her. I understand what it is, wanting to become stronger.

After class is over, I stay behind to answer any questions with my students or with Ophelia.
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"Same schedule, but different techniques. Like you saw, today was all about what to do if someone grabs your hair. Next will be about getting out of someone's grip and so on," I explain. If I'm clinical about it, I don't think of the way I had to fight off being grabbed from behind by Peter and Al, having to fight them off.

"So, want to sign up?"
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"Perfect." I grin and gesture to the mats. "Let me take care of these and we can go downstairs and get you signed up."

I realize that I can't wait to see her learn either.