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Ophelia de Luce ([personal profile] likeblueblazes) wrote2015-05-25 10:26 pm
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We can always play by ear. [Tris]

To say that the sheer scope of Off the Wall intimidates Ophelia proves an understatement; her eyes widen as she takes in the various people running, climbing, leaping, and crashing off of various obstacles. There is a sense of recklessness to their movements - a kind of recklessness that Ophelia envies, usually, from a distance. When Jax told her to seek a woman named Tris, she had no idea what she was signing up for.

Still. She steadies herself; she takes a deep breath, and she presses her lips together in determination. She needs to practice self-defense. If she wants to protect Flavia, let alone herself, she needs to be prepared to do so, no matter how unadylike it might require her to become.

Tightening her hair from where it hangs behind her in an uncharacteristic ponytail, Ophelia decides to hell with her nerves. Potential new threats aren't going to wait for her to maintain her composure. Shoulders squared, she ventures up to the front desk, ignoring some of the odd looks thrown her way for her outfit choice of a pencil skirt and a blouse.

A woman sits behind the desk, with short hair and a face that seems both young and wise all at once. She could be her own age, Ophelia thinks, taking in the sight of the other girl.

"Excuse me," she says, placing her hands on the edge of the front desk mostly to keep herself steady. "I'm looking for a woman named Tris? I was told she was really good for self-defense."

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