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Nights are good and that's the way it should be. [Gathering]

A picnic at twilight might seem like a strange, fanciful notion to some, but Ophelia finds herself very much delighted by the prospect. Her graduation from Darrow High deserves to be celebrated, and to be celebrated in a style of her choosing. Daphne would say that it is Romantic of her, choosing such a dramatic hour for a small party. Well, Daphne isn't here, and she could keep her smart replies to herself, thank you very much.

Still, in the wake of her recent run-in with vampires, others might voice concern about Ophelia hosting a party as the light fades from the sky. But Ophelia has been taking her self-defense lessons at Off The Wall, and she's been working on said exercises from class at home when she has the chance. She carries a silver dagger hidden in a sheath under her skirt. She is much more capable than the naive girl walking around Darrow at night. Besides, she's set up the party in Petros Park, in clear view of the city surrounding the patch of green and the streetlights just flickering to life.

She has several blankets spread out, each one with a basket filled with cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, and other assortments of light desserts. She has several bottles of wine for the occasion, as well as plates, cups, utensils, and other necessities. It is not the fancy spread of some of the parties she's attended, by far, but it suits her purpose perfectly. She's not looking for a loud celebration. Tonight, she wants to hang out underneath the stars with some of the dearest people in the world to her.

She's uncertain how many people will show up, but she's excited, nonetheless. She's dressed in a summer dress the color of a starless night sky, and her hair is fashioned into a loose, french braid, entwined with silver ribbons. Once she sets all of the blankets up, she kicks off her fancy sandals, delighting in the cool grass between her toes. Jehan's influence, she thinks, for, once, she would have never dared to indulge in such an urge.

She smiles beneath the elongating moonlight and waits for people to arrive.

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It's no surprise that the layout is as pretty as Ophelia when Raven turns up, and she can't help but smile before she's even greeted the host. Having come from such a long time before the present, it's nothing less than incredible that she's managed to graduate so soon and so well. Raven couldn't be more proud if she tried, making her way over to the guest of honor with a wrapped gift in her hand. "Hey," she greets with a hug. "Congratulations, graduate. I'm so proud of you."
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"Of course I did," Raven smiles, brushing off the comment. It's the least she can do, especially with all Ophelia's done for her and how little she's been available lately in turn. Emotionally, at least. It's next to impossible to fully connect when she's lying through omission for such a long time. "This is a huge deal. I hope you like it."
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Raven's sure that anything would look beautiful on Ophelia, but she's still thrilled that she likes the necklace, her own smile broadening. "You're very welcome," she says, then nods towards the refreshment table. "Water's fine. And I'm doing well. Better than well."

She's been better and she's been worse, but today's Ophelia's day and she doesn't see a need to get into the specifics. Soon. Now that she's opened up to Lucy she can start letting more friends in on her reality, Ophelia undoubtedly going to be one of the first. "I've been kind of all over the place. But we'll have to catch up more often, huh? How are things with Jehan?"

There's little subtlety to her teasing, smile shifting into a smirk.
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"Nothing specific," Raven promises. At least not in a way that she can yet describe. The freedom of telling without judgement is hard to pinpoint, a happiness not quite like finding a new job or even a new boyfriend or girlfriend. "But I'm glad to hear Jehan isn't disappointing. He seems like a sweetheart," she agrees, then teases a little further. "Not that I'd accept any less for one of my nearest and dearest."
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"Me, too," Raven nods, carefully tiptoeing past the disappointment. It's Ophelia's day, anyway, and she wants to focus on that as much as possible, especially when she feels like she's failed her by not being around as much of late. "But I can't imagine you'd want to be with anyone less wonderful."

Ophelia has common sense like that, drawn towards people that are good for her. Raven can't say the same for herself, at least in terms of romance. Hank had been a sweetheart, of course, one of the nicest she'd ever met, but he hadn't wanted her for her and he'd broken her heart a little in the process. "So, what comes next? College?"
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Of course Feely would think a picnic at twilight would be completely acceptable, especially so soon after she'd been mauled by vampires. As charitable as Flavia strove to be, to consider that the three of them had their own particular talents, their own strengths, in times like this, it was difficult not to conclude that when intelligence had been doled out to the de Luce sisters, Feely had lost her share somewhere along the way. Perhaps she'd even swapped it for a double helping of vanity.

Then again, Flavia thought, as fireflies blinked on and off, buzzing lazily through the air around the picnic grounds, Feely does know how to set a lovely sort of scene. Parking Gladys against a tree, she took the wrapped jewelry box from her basket and wandered over to where her sister stood, toes squashed in the grass in a manner Flavia had never expected from her sister.

"Happy graduation, Feely."
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She's glad to see the crucifix round her sister's neck. Regardless of what Father might've had to say about it, were he here to see--Flavia still remembers the absolute spectacle Feely had made, forgoing social pressures and bolting for the communion rail at St. Tancred's--it's another ward against any future vampire attacks, a sign that, despite Flavia's skepticism, her sister's actually making an attempt at preserving her own safety.

Perhaps even multiple attempts; she'd followed her down to the odd gymnasium on Candlewood a few weeks back (going so far as to muffle Gladys' tires so she wouldn't be detected), but Feely slipped through the door and past the inside gate before Flavia could see much more than a strange obstacle course. Whatever her secret was, Flavia hoped it kept her safe.

Thankfully, Feely's comment saves her before she can descend too far into sisterly fretting. "Well, alright," she says, smirking as she parrots Feely's request right back at her. "I didn't run anyone over on my way here. Guide's honor." She makes a snappy three-fingered salute, then holds the gift out for Feely to take.
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“Of course not,” Flavia says, just barely holding herself back from condescendingly patting Feely’s hand as she speaks. Satisfying as it might have been, even she can’t bring herself to ruin such a nice party. “The ones that kicked me out aren’t in the city, you know.”

Darrow doesn’t even have anything called the Girl Guides; much like the Americans, the city troops called themselves Scouts. It was a far more adventurous group in tone, if not in practice—the only scouting many of her classmates were interested in doing, it seemed, was to the drugstore makeup aisles or celebrity magazine racks.