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likeblueblazes: (Darling)
When Ophelia awakens on the last Sunday before school officially starts, she expects nothing of the day except to laze about in bed and savor her freedom before essays and thoughts of college begin to plague her every waking moment. She has today off from work, for which she is quite grateful. Perhaps she'll go to the local bakery for a sweet breakfast; perhaps she'll even knock on Jehan's door and ask if he will accompany her, if she feels daring enough. She blushes as she giggles, holding her pillow up to her face as though it might lessen said flush.

But first, of course, she has to actually move and get up from her bed, a task that seems especially herculean this morning. She sighs, lets the pillow drop from her face onto the floor before throwing the blankets back. She yawns, stretches for a good moment, before letting her feet onto the carpeted floor. Her typically tidy hair hangs loose around her, stray strands flying everywhere in the wake of sleep. Her nightgown, a simple, elegant cotton dress, clings to her as she makes her way to the door of her bedroom.

She's still considering her options for the day when she steps out into her living room. For a moment, she finds herself blinded by the sunlight streaming through the window; but then she blinks, and what she finds almost causes her heart to stop.

"Oh my God," she gasps, gaping at the sight of the familiar grand piano. Once held in the grand halls of Buckshaw, here it now sits, barely contained by the limitations of Ophelia's living room.

She's so ecstatic, tears tremble down her face as she runs over and traces her fingers along the edge of the keys, as though she had stumbled over a beloved childhood artifact. And really, this piano is her oldest, dearest friend; her equivalent to what Flavia has between Dogger back home.

All her morning possibilities forgotten for the moment, Ophelia hurriedly grabs her cellphone from the counter, texting all of her dearest acquaintances to come over; she, of course, texts Flavia first. Mindless of her own disheveled appearance and overwhelmed by her good fortune, Ophelia sits down at the piano to play, awaiting the arrival of her friends to share with them the wonderful news.
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